Feb 25, 2024

Winter 2024 Project Competition

All the important details about our Winter 2024 project competition, in one place.

For the Winter 2024 term, we’re doing a term-long hackathon within our club community.

The competition has already started as of the time of writing this post, but it’s not too late to join!

Here’s all the details you need to know about the competition:


The Winter 2024 project competition invites you to create any app development related project you can imagine.

Truly, the possibilities are endless! The project you create doesn’t need to specifically be a mobile or web application. It can really, be any of these platforms:

  • Desktop
  • Command Line
  • Games
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Robotics
  • and so much more!

Whether you prefer to work solo, or in a team of up to four, this competition is your chance to flex those app development chops and shine!


There will be two competitive sections for our term project:

  • Beginner - little to no coding experience, basic CS knowledge
  • Advanced - experience building projects and deploying software

We’ll allow you the discretion of choosing which group you more closely align with, but on our end, we think if you’ve taken a >= 300-level course, you’re advanced.

During midterms, we’ll be having a midpoint progress check.

At the end of the term, (Week 10/Finals Week) there will be a showcase for each team to demonstrate their project to the club. (1-3 minute video showcasing the final work)


The prize breakdown for the hackathon is as follows:

Beginner Track

  • 1st Overall - $75
  • 2nd Overall - $50
  • 3rd Overall - $25

Advanced Track

  • 1st Overall - $75
  • 2nd Overall - $50
  • 3rd Overall - $25

All prizes are Cash and will be awarded in the form of an Amazon gift card (1 per member)


All projects will be judged via community vote. Each member of our club will be able to vote for their favorite project in both the advanced and beginner categories.

However, you may not vote for your project.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can earn a “bonus vote” by developing a full-stack application.

Don’t know what that means? Here’s some more info.

The “bonus” will be awarded in the form of an extra vote since project submissions will be judged by you all, the members!

Rules & Requirements

  • You must be a member of our club in IdealLogic to win prizes
  • You must join the DevPost to be eligible for prizes
  • You must complete the team registration form to be eligible for prizes
  • Each submission should contain a video demonstrating the project in its essence
  • Teams comprised of 1-4 people are allowed
  • The submission must have the full version control history published & accessible
  • If you use a template or any existing resources, please note that in the documentation of the project
  • All project submissions must be made by the Friday of Week 9 (March 15th, 2024)

With that said, our team is extremely excited to see what you all build. Happy hacking! 🚀